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The I in Icon: The Icon Chronicles

Once More, With Icons

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This is a multi-fandom icon and graphics pimping community created by shantil and toujours_pur_nm. Welcome!

All types of icons and graphics are welcome, but to keep the peace, there are of course a few rules.

The Icon Factor aka Rules:

♥ If you take an icon or anything, you must credit
♥ Comment please
♥ If you have more than 3 icons, put it under a LJ cut
♥ No ‘Friends-Only’ posts. It’s annoying and what’s the point of making icons if not to share
♥ Use the tags so it’s easier for people to find what they are after
♥ Requests are more than welcome but just try to be patient. We’ll get to it as soon as we are able.


If you’d like to affiliate with us, let us know. You’re more than welcome! So...let's get icon making! Enjoy!